56 Event | 16 Location | 7.447 Participant

>1 Million Visitor

PEKAN Kebudayaan Aceh (PKA) VII or Aceh Culture Week is approaching. It is Aceh’s large scale quadrennial cultural event to be held on August 5 – 15, 2018 in Banda Aceh.

Highlighting the beauty of Aceh culture with strong Islamic values, PKA VII is mostly awaited by people  of Aceh and visitors.

PKA VII has been well set and considered far better prepared compared to the previous ones, as it is prepared with cultural touch, human creativity and technology as a masterpiece by the youths of Aceh proudly presented to Aceh.

PKA VII is aimed not only at creating a special unique memory for visitors with numerous cultural events, developing Aceh better, more united and more civilized with a global spirit of “Aceh is Great” or “Aceh Hebat” and protecting Aceh culture from future loss and damage, but also promoting Aceh with its wonders and uniqueness as a potential tourist destination.

A huge number of attractive events with a serious curation will be launched and held like opening ceremony, cultural parades, culture exhibition, culture festival, seminar on culture and marine tourism, culture awards and many more.

Also, a video mapping event will lively be visualized to visitors entitled “Aceh and Today’s Civilization”. It is purposefully prepared, not only to entertain the visitors and to showcase how technology has impacted our human life, but also to differentiate PKA VII with the previous ones by using hightech.

PKA VII is worth visiting and seeing in order to learn how Aceh Islamic culture strongly colours up our human daily life to reach peace, prosperity, recovery and love of God the Almighty.

Baca Juga  Motif Aceh

Welcome to PKA VII and enjoy our quadrennial cultural event with a beautiful diversity of culture and nature.


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